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Our insulation experts at Midlakes Insulation, Inc. specialize in installing closed cell spray foam for homeowners and businesses of all shapes and sizes. Open cell spray foam is a great choice to ensure comfortable year-round temperatures that properly insulate your space, bringing you savings and comfort.

Open cell spray foam is a two-component product sprayed into the cavity, where it chemically expands and bonds to the substrate and studs. With the right equipment and experience, open cell spray foam is easy to install and has many benefits compared to other insulation products on the market.

Why Choose Open Cell Spray Foam?

Energy Star Rating Means a Greener Footprint

Open cell spray foam is one of the most eco-friendliest materials. By providing year-round comfort and a reduced carbon footprint, you can rest assured that your space will be insulated to bring you savings like never before! Spray foam insulation has been shown to help reduce energy usage by up to 50% – saving you money during the hot summer months and freezing cold New York winters.

Long Lasting for Years to Come

The chemical make-up of open cell spray foam makes it highly resilient. Forget about water, mold or mildew damage and rest assured. It’s an insulation material that will last for years to come and won’t require continuous upkeep or needing a job redone.

Solid Sound Control

With zero openings or space between fibers, open cell spray foam is your ultimate barrier against the elements and outside noise. Diminish loud noise like wind and traffic and say goodbye to dust, rodents and other pests, as open cell spray foam deters them. The product has a superior air seal – completely eliminating air infiltration.

Where should Open Cell Spray Foam insulation be installed?

Great question! The best areas for open cell spray foam are exterior house walls, interior sound proofing, attics, garages, workshops, machine shops, farm shops and pole barns.